Set machine mechanical properties

M5001 XY Z E  XY: diameter of the pulleyZ: pitchE: diameter of the cog wheel example: (these are the default factory settings) M5001 X9.01 (in mm) M5001 E10.8 (in mm) M5001 Z2.0 (in mm) can be combined: M5001 X9.01 E10.8 Z2.0 CBP M5001 answer: ok XY_diameter:9.010000 , Z_pich:2.000000 , E_diameter:10.800000 X-Y

CraftBot FLOW generation Firmware update

Windows and Linux users FW update Installation Download the latest Firmware for the FLOW 3D printers at Copy CRAFT_UPDATE.ZIP to a FAT32 formatted usb drive (The name should be the same as “CRAFT_UPDATE.ZIP” without any space or numbers) If a usb cable is connected to the printer’s side, disconnect it Put the pendrive in to […]