SIMPLiFY3D V5 GCODE Issue resolution

The new SIMPLIFY3D V5 generates GCODE not compatible with Craftbot Pr3Dator firmware. The slicer generated GCODE create M106 (fan controll) command with “P” parameter, not compatible.The solution is to create a post processor script in the SimpliFy3D, change. {DELETE “P0”} in the “Post Processing” tab.

Craftbot FLOW IOT – remote access setup

If you want to use our IOT solution and setup the printer to have remote access, please follow these steps to register your printer. (Please note: IOT service is only available for FLOW generation printers) Please resister an account on website (free) Fill out the form on Confirm your email address Login to […]

Craftbot Plus (PRO) full specification

PRINTING PROPERTIES Crafbot Plus (PRO) Printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printing heads Direct drive extruders Build volume X: 250mm x Y: 200mm x Z: 200mm Theoretical precision X,Y: 4 microns, Z: 2 microns Layer resolution For 0.4mm nozzle recommended 50-300 microns Travel speed 200mm/s available maximum Print speed 120mm/s available maximum Build plate Heated […]