Filament length on spools

PLA 1,75mm: 1kg = 325mABS 1,75mm: 1kg = 395mPETG 1,75mm: 1kg = 310mPMMA 1,75mm: 1 kg = 350mPC 1,75mm: 1kg = 335mASA 1,75mm: 1kg = 395mPC+PBT 1,75mm: 1kg = 350mPA 6/66 1,75mm: 0,75kg = 285mTPS 1,75mm: 0,75kg = 370mHIPS 1,75mm: 1kg = 395mPVA 1,75mm: 0,5kg = 180m

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), tell me all about it

Fused Filament Fabrication, by definition, is the technique / technology that is based upon laying down material in layers, which happens to create a bond, to ultimately build 3D objects. This is the additive manufacturing method used by the Craftbot 3D Printer. A spool of material, in the filament form, is unwoven continuously by the […]

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments completed by: Wire / Bank Transactions Paypal Transactions We accept the the following currencies:  EUR, USD, HUF (Hungarian forints).    

What is the delivery time once I have placed my order on your website?

Once you placed an order for items on our website (and we have stock of said item(s)), we will prepare your package almost immediately & ship your order on that day (if possible). Once the courier has picked up the shipment, it should be at the desired destination within 3-15 days (depending on country/distance).  Some […]