Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), tell me all about it

Fused Filament Fabrication, by definition, is the technique / technology that is based upon laying down material in layers, which happens to create a bond, to ultimately build 3D objects. This is the additive manufacturing method used by the Craftbot 3D Printer.

A spool of material, in the filament form, is unwoven continuously by the printer’s most primary hard mechanics so that it can be heated up and later extuded.  The commands given to the printer are what dictate where the heated material is to be placed, and eventually, what new object will be formed.

Two necessary fundamental pre-print steps of FFF technology are the obtaining a 3D file and Slicing.  A file can either be created by you, modified, or downloaded from a previous existing source.  It is of course difficult in many cases to design a new file from scratch, but once you are able to learn a few basics in a 3D design software, you will soon find out that the print possibilities are endless.  Once you have obtained the 3D file model that you would like to print, you now must import it to a Slicer software, which is used to construct printer command based upon a layer-by-layer blueprint of your selected model.  When using a good slicer software, such as CraftWare, you can customize many aspects of the printing process to obtain your desired results.