Reinstall CraftWare program

Sometimes need to reinstall the CraftWare slicer on your Windows PC 1. Remove CraftWare program from the installed programs 2. Delete the CraftWare program files. usually: c:\Program Files\CraftUnique 3. Delete the user settings files: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\CraftWare 4. Restart the system 5. Download the latest version from the Craftbot website: 6. Install the CraftWare program

Craftware silent installation

It is possible to run the Craftware installer in silent mode. Which enables the user to install CraftWare without user intervention. For this use the “/s”parameter. Here you can find the available command line options for our installer:

Which object orientation is the best?

When printing / slicing objects, its always a good idea to see how much time & material the object will consume in the print. Less is better, however there will be parts and surfaces that will require a structural support (so that the object will not collapse)! But keep in mind, supports can take their […]

My Infill (the cross pattern inside my printed object) is a bit weak

Your infill should more-often-than-not not be weak, and the biggest reason for this would be an overall failure to extrude properly; the necessary steps should be taken from the other help sections on how to clean out your extruder or you should make sure that your settings and amount extruded are proper for the nozzle […]

My bed adhesion is terrible/The prints are not sticking to the bed. What do I do?

Three easy fixes are: level the bed again (especially check that the nozzle is not too close or too far from the bed surface), make sure that your printing parameters fit with the materials that you are using (such as the ABS with a 110 Celsius heated build plate), and last-but-not-least, clean the bed of before […]