My layers are shifting into different positions above one another! – Layershift

If you are using a CraftBot then you should not get terrible shifting problems. However, it is not impossible to see this, and if so, it may be a sign of a mechanical fault which hopefully can be easily remedied.  But first, we will check and see if another simple printing error is responsible, how about one of these possibilities,

* The base layer has temporarily come loose from the bed and shifted to a new resting place.  The printer is not smart enough (yet) to tell if this has happened, so it will continue printing over the area which it thinks the print must be.  In this case, please go through the process to ensure better bed adhesion, located in another troubleshooting section.

* Are you printing at “light speed”?  Yes, the CraftBot goes pretty fast, if you want it to.  And yes, some of our craziest users like to print way above anything that we would ever recommend them to do so (by recommend I mean that “we aren’t responsible for anything that you do with your machine that we do not recommend doing, for all practicalities’ sake).  Anyhow, if you are printing faster than you should, and your layers are a little off,,, Slow it down!

As far as mechanical problems in layer shifts, the easy answer is that your belts may have come loose, or they just need to be replaced.  Standard maintenance, and most importantly cleaning and oiling your machine properly after every 50 hours of working time or better is a must!  Our warranty records in correlation with belt life are great (better than we could have imagined), but don’t feel that a belt is a one time buy object -it is a moving part, just like the timing belt in an automobile, and needs to be replaced from time to time.  For the meantime, a standard tightening may do if the belt has not snapped, it is all up to you and the time to replace if your belt does go down eventually. Please consult the section on belt replacement or contact us directly for further information and video links on how to replace in-depth.

Other reasoning for layers not matching up could be damage to the actual machine.  The CraftBot is a sturdy piece, but if it has a major accident, the angles are not going to match up, and something bigger has to be done to get it back in shape.  Please contact us if your solution cannot be found through the simple troubleshooting suggestions.