My extrusion is very inconsistent

If your lines being printed lack consistency, then something is very wrong… but there is most likely an easy fix! You deserve a good quality print every time.  Here is a quick rundown to help you get an idea on how to fix this,

  • Is your extruder clogged?
  • Does your extrusion parameter meet with the nozzle size? Remember that you can’t make a fat layer with a small hole, and it is also not optimal vice-versa.
  • Is your filament spool getting caught up while it is unwinding?  If there is a snag the extruder might not be able to pull in enough material to fulfil the print.
  • Are you using cheap, low quality filament? You wouldn’t believe how many times this can be the answer to a problem. Bad filament has no integrity and consistency and likes to play tricks with your print plan. Like that used car you bought off the lot of the from the cigar smoking salesman in the leisure suit, you’d probably be better off setting your money on fire to see if it makes pretty colors.

If you are still having problems finding a solution to your dilemma, please submit a ticket.