Craftbot FLOW IOT – remote access setup

If you want to use our IOT solution and setup the printer to have remote access, please follow these steps to register your printer. (Please note: IOT service is only available for FLOW generation printers)

  • Please resister an account on website (free)
    • Fill out the form on
    • Confirm your email address
  • Login to your Craftbot account and go to “Manage FLOW printers”
  • Click on “Add new printer”
  • Fill out the form
Serial number can be found on your invoice, printer back plate sticer, small barcode sticker next to the LCD screen inside your printer.
  • After the printer sucessfully registered please click on

To clopy the registration token to the clipboard.

  • Now login to your printer web administration page locally. Accessing the FLOW Generation IOT Page
  • Go to SETTINGS –> LOGIN INFO page
    • Paste the token from the clippboard in the Web access key field
  • Click “Check and set” button
  • Now you can access your printer remotely with the given https://<nickname> link.

If you have any question or if you have problem registering your printer please contact us on our support page: