Unpacking your CraftBot or Craftbot Plus printer

Here is some quick start up info (taken from the quick start guide), but for the best in-depth information please check out the owners manual at https://craftunique.com/docs/craftbot-user-manual

For our official unboxing video, check out this link,




Step #1

Remove the large sheet resting under the foam.

Under the sheet you will find your CraftBot attachable accessories in a cardboard cradle resting in the cavity

of the CraftBot 3D printer.

Step #2

Remove this cradle from the box with care and place it in a safe out-of-the-way place.

Step #3

The printer is wrapped in a tight fitting plastic protective. Open up the covering.

Firmly grasp the frame of the CraftBot and lift it out of the box without touching fragile inner parts. CraftBot

weights 14 kg (almost 31 lbs) – seek assistance if needed!

Step #4

Place the printer on a stable and level surface with sufficient place around.


Accessory check


It’s time to unpack additional parts.

Below you can see contents of the

box. First of all, check the list to make

sure nothing is missing!

1. Filament guide tube holder

2. Filament guide tube

3. Filament spool holder

4. Filament spool

5. Hex wrenches (5x)

6. USB Flash storage

7. USB A-B cable

8. AC power cable

9. Spacer card




Step #1

Install the filament guide tube


Use a hex wrench to install the guide tube holder

onto the top of the CraftBot. Keep in mind that the

spool holder must be installed directly next to it.


Step #2

Install the filament guide tube

One end goes into the guide tube holder. Push the

other end into the hole on the top of the extruder.


Step #3

Install the filament spool holder

Use a hex wrench to install it somewhere close to

the filament guide tube holder.


Step #4

Mount the filament spool

Now get the spool from the box containing the PLA

filament. Fit the spool onto its holder so that the

lead end keeps its course when the filament is fed

into the guide tube holder.


Step #5

Attach the power cord

Ensure that the power switch on the back of Craft-

Bot is set to OFF position. Insert the AC power cord

into the power input (on the back) and switch ON