Setting up OctoPi / OctoPrint for Craftbot, Plus, Pro, 2, XL, 3

Octopi / Octoprint is a web based 3D printer management solution.

You can find information and setting up the OctoPi or OctoPrint device here:

On Craftbot side we recommend a good quality USB cable to connect the OctoPi device with Craftbot.

These are the settings available from pr3Dator_firmware_2019-03-06. But please always use the latest FW on your printer, you can download here:

When you setup the OctoP(i)rint please include this settings in the GCODE-s

		Before print job starts:
			T0 ; select head 1 
			M110 S1 ; initialize the printer and the display
			G28 ; Home all axes
		        M1020 S1; Set queue 1
		After print job completes:
			M110 S2 ; the printer steps into the default state
		After print job is cancelled:
			M110 S2  ; the printer steps into the default state
			M84  ; disable motors
			M104 S0 T0 ; switch off head 1 heating
			M104 S0 T1 ; switch off head 2 heating
			M140 S0 ; switch off bed heating
			M106 S0 ; disable object fan
		After print job is paused:
			G197 ; pause
		Before print job is resumed:
			G198 ; resume

Please install the progress bar code (M73) octopi plugin to have the print percentage information on the display. You can download here: