I am getting continuous ripples in my print, what now? sometimes known as “Ghosting”

If you find continuous little waves or “ringing” in your print, there could be a variety of things wrong, and these problems may be mechanical.  The easy fixes to this are: to first make sure that it doesn’t do the same with another file/to make sure that the file is sliced and that your CraftBot is running on the latest updates of our software, and as always, make sure that your machine is properly maintained and lubricated!

Sometimes the filament can cause uneven surface. Please try to print with another filament, to close out the problems one-by-one.

The latest version of CraftWare and CraftPrint can be found here.

Problems like these, from a software standpoint, can have a lot to do with acceleration, but with the newest software versions these problems should go up like a puff of smoke!

If you are still getting a continued fade around sharp corners, sometimes identified as “ghosting”, just slow the print speed down.  The extruder has mass, weight and therefore inertia; although our software takes this into account to achieve an optimal performance and result, sometimes if you run your printer like a bat out of hell, your are going to get some small discrepancies.

Concerning mechanical problems, here comes the tough part.  You have to decide whether your CraftBot has been damaged, such as in a collision or dropping, etc. or if there is an actual faulty mechanical component, such as a bearing creating awkward friction on the rod.  Anyhow, in the case of a perceived mechanical failure, it is best to contact the experts and tell us your exact dilemma, by sending us a ticket.