How to remove the filament from the extruder on the Craftbot and the Craftbot plus?

Please refer to page 11 of the owners manual section: “Removing the filament from the extruder”


Never remove the fiament from the extruder if the extruder is cold! Always preheat the extruder before

removing or changing filaments. Removing the filament from a cold extruder might damage it! You

don’t have to remove the filament between prints.

1. Heat up the extruder (see section 10.5.)

2. Once the extruder reaches the target temperature of your filament (keeping in mind that different

materials such PLA, ABS, and PET have different temperature characteristics), press the “extrude”

button briefly, and then touch the “reverse” button and hold on a short while. Once the gears have

begun to retract the filament you will be free to pull it out from the printer and then load a new