How to include a FW related BUG report

We have to get as much information about a problem as much we can to handle a BUG.

We should able to reproduce an error and understand the root cause.

Therfore we need at least this informations when you place a BUG report in the ticketing system:

  1. Date
  2. Printer type
  3. Serial Number
  4. Pr3Dator FW ver
  5. HMI FW ver
  6. FlowAdmin FW ver
  7. Operation counters
  8. Short description of the problem
  9. Steps to recreate the problem. Starting from switching on the printer
  10. Deatiled steps to avoid / fix the problem. Results.
  11. Occurrence
  12. Suggestion, note

Please note. This is for error, problem, BUG reporting. Not for feature request or development.