How do I remove prints from the buildplate on my Craftbot or Craftbot Plus printer?

The art of finished print removal, just like the art of beer bottle cap removal, is not confined to one single method and can take on a wide variety of means based upon the user; as long as you can successfully remove the print without damaging the buildplate, the print itself, or your person.

Standard procedure is to remove the buildplate after printing *watch out because it is very hot and you should use heat protection such as a glove and a cool down period of 5-10 minutes with the power turned off beforehand*.  After the buildplate and print have cooled down significantly you will find a minute bit of shrinkage in the object, therefor allowing for a less resistive adhesion -the object is better suited now to just pop off with a little bit of force.

A useful tool to use is a standard handheld metal scraper, the kind used to scrape paint or level plaster or cement.  If you intend to use a razor blade or utility knife, as many do, take extra precaution not to hurt yourself or damage the kapton surface of your buildplate.

Running the plate along the side of a table is also a common technique, but in doing this be extra sure not to damage the print, that is of course unless you prefer your end results looking “a little rough”, in this case smash away!

Always remember to keep your buildplate clean before and after printing.  This ensures good adhesion and easier removal.  A simple clean cloth/paper towel with a little acetone on it should do the trick.