How do I insert the filament into my CraftBot or CraftBot Plus 3D printer?

Please refer to page 10-11 of the owners manual section: “Loading the filament”



1. Remove the filament guide tube from the insert hole on the top of the extruder.

2. Insert the filament from the spool into the end of the filament guide tube where it attaches to the

filament guide tube holder. Make sure that the filament spool feeds toward the guide tube holder

(from the bottom up) so that the filament keeps its course. This way you avoid any unnecessary

bending of the filament. To have a clean edge, cut the end of the filament with scissors, if needed.

3. Feed the filamen all the way through the guide tube until it comes out the other end.

4. Move the extruder switch on the top of the extruder to the left into the “unlocked” position. This will

allow the filament to bypass the gears. Push the filament into the extruder hole as far as it will go.

5. On the LCD screen main menu select either the extruder or the thermometer icon from the extruder

menu, press the thermometer button. At this point you will see a new menu indicating the “Head

temp” and “Bed temp”. You can select the extruder icon and the bed icon (line with 3 wavy lines

above) to commence heating. One the extruder is fully heated, you may start the printing process.

6. When you see the filament begin to extrude, return the extruder switch to the right, into the “locked”


7. You can also use the “extrude” menu in the touchscreen to push for filament out of the nozzle.

8. Re-insert the filament guide tube back into the hole at the top of the extruder.