How do I add a kapton sheet to my build plate on my Craftbot or Craftbot Plus printer?

Applying a new layer of protective Kapton sheet to your buildplate

Build plate kapton sheets get worn out in time, or can be damaged by the nozzle due to incorrect leveling. Reapplying a new kapton sheet is essential to maximize print qualities if the old one has issues. To reapply a new kapton sheet, take the build plate out of the machine and remove the old sheet by striping it off of the aluminum plate. Clean the surface the aluminum plate with acetone. Remove the protective sheet on the new kapton in order to apply the sticky side, apply some window cleaning liquid onto the plate and the sticky side of the sheet to help you to correctly position the sheet. Align the kapton to the front side of the plate (the side where screws stick out) on the corner. Once the positioning is correct, squeeze out the liquid from between the plate and the sheet with a thin but solid object, like an unused credit card. Place the protective sheet (which was removed to open up the sticky part) on the building kapton to prevent scratches and damages during application. Start from the center of the plate and move horizontally and vertically. Once all the liquid has been squeezed out and the sheet is applied properly, put the plate somewhere to dry. Allow the sticky part to rest for a day before using.