CraftBot G/M code cheat sheet

-G1:  Linear move:  E F S X Y Z

– G0:  Linear move:  E F S X Y Z

– G2:  Draw lin arc:  E F I J U X Y

– G3:  Draw lin arc:  E F I J U X Y

– G4:  Dwell:  P S

– G20:  Set units to inches.

– G21:  Set units to millimeters.

– G28:  Move to origin:  X Y Z

– G69:  Random XY Killer:  L Q S U V X Y

– G90:  Set to absolute positioning.

– G91:  Set to relative positioning.

– G92:  Set position:  E S X Y Z

– G100:  Linear move:  E F X Y Z

– G101:  Relative linear move:  E F X Y Z

– G102:  Relative linear move width timeout:  E F S T X Y Z

– G103:  Clear timeout:  S

– G104:  Extrude width timeout:  E T

– G195:  Reset motion.

– G196:  Reset all.

– G197:  Pause.

– G198:  Resume.

– G199:  Imadiate pause.

– G194:  Imadiate abort.

– M18:  Disable stepper motors.

– M82:  Set extruder to absolute mode.

– M83:  Set extruder to relative mode.

– M84:  Stop idle hold:  S

– M8484:  Motors off imadiate:  S

– M105:  Get temperature of extruders and bed:  P T

– M106:  Turn cooling fan on:  S T

– M116:  Turn cooling fan on:  H L S T

– M104:  Set extruder temperature:  Q S T

– M109:  Set and wait head temperature:  Q S T

– M1400:  Start heating and waiting:  B E H P Q T

– M107:  Turn cooling fan off.

– M110:  Print Start or Stop:  S

– M114:  Get current position.

– M115:  Get firmware version.

– M117:  Display message.

– M140:  Set bed temperature:  H L S

– M190:  Set and wait bed temperature:  S

– M220:  Set speed override percent:  S

– M221:  Set extrusion override percent:  S

– M300:  Play beep sound:  P S

– M424:  …:  E F

– M423:  …:  E F T

– M422:  Start Head Preparation.

– M425:  Set nozzle wipe position:  S

– M430:  Head change ZHop settings:  F Z

– M431:  Head change Exit Retract settings:  E F

– M432:  Head change Enter Retract settings:  E F

– M433:  Head change Enter Prime settings:  E F

– M450:  Self test:  E F

– M900:  Linear advance beta version:  A D K

– M905:  Set feed High/Low:  H L

– M73:  M73 progressbar refresh:  P S

– M1001:  Get Printer Version.

– M1002:  Get unique ID:  S

– M1003:  Get firmware version:  S

– M1004:  Get HMI version.

– M1005:  Get HMI board version:  S

– M1006:  Set limits s=1 Case / S=2 Head:  H L S T

– M1014:  Get ADC values:  S

– M1015:  Get PWM duty.

– M1020:  Puffer mode:  S

– M1104:  Get Info:  P

– M1105:  Get HMI mode.

– M1106:  Set HMI mode.

– M1114:  Get machine coordinates.

– M1115:  Get queue.

– M1116:  Set Min Q:  Q

– M1123:  Set T7 pin high or low:  S

– M1160:  Fan control (Case,Dome,Head,Obj):  C D H O T

– M1161:  Fan override:  S

– M1200:  Set feed properties:  F H L

– M1202:  Set axis soft limit:  E X Y Z

– M1203:  Set XY acceleration:  A D F

– M1204:  Set Z acceleration:  A D F

– M1210:  Set extruder correction:  F K

– M1211:  Set extruder correction:  F K

– M1212:  Set thermal runaway:  Q S

– M1297:  Mem dump:  S

– M1298:  Send command:  S

– M1299:  Queue report:  S

– M1300:  Set extruders PID:  D F I P W

– M1301:  Set bed PID:  D F I P W

– M1401:  Seat head heating curve:  D Q

– M1402:  Seat bed heating curve:  D Q

– M1403:  Flush.

– M1800:  Set HMI Baud:  S

– M1885:  Set G1 counter:  S

– M1886:  Read restart data.

– M1887:  Read startup GPBR.

– M1888:  Backup:  Q S

– M1889:  Set RTC:  D S

– M2001:  Set max imp:  E X Y Z

– M2002:  Set ref imp:  X Z

– M2003:  Soft Enable encoder:  S

– M2004:  Enable encoder check:  S

– M2005:  Set encoder div:  Q S

– M2006:  Set encoder calibstate:  S

– M2007:  Encoder autoset:  S

– M2008:  Set encoder params:  Q S

– M3000:  Get X Y Z jupers states:  J X Y Z

– M3001:  Set LED strip brightness:  L

– M3002:  Set LCD backlight brightness:  L

– M4001:  Set heating overlap:  P

– M4003:  Set maximum head heat temp:  H S

– M4004:  Get heat state:  S

– M4005:  Set maximum bed heat temp:  H S

– M5000:  Set XY Z jog feed:  X Z

– M5001:  Set mechanical parameters:  E X Z

– M5002:  Set XY offset:  X Y

– M5003:  Set TMC2130 current:  E X Y Z

– M5004:  Get TMC2130 status regiter.

– M5005:  XY calibration moode:  S

– M6666:  Reset:  S

– M6969:  Erase flash:  S

– M7001:  Set WIFI SSID/Pass.

– M7002:  Wifi List AP First.

– M7003:  HMI send WIFI AP list.

– M7004:  WiFi Report:  Q S T

– M7005:  Set e-mail address.

– M7006:  Get AT version number.

– M7007:  Rec WiFi AT version.

– M7008:  Overwrite Wi-Fi SSID.

– M7009:  wifi reset pin check:  S

– M8001:  Read motor:  Q S

– M8010:  Read errors.

– M8020:  Set thermal motor warning:  S

– M9001:  Set LED to function.

– M9003:  ReadMotorDIAG.

– M9005:  Enable/disable cover:  S

– M9006:  Set print mode:  Q S X

– M9007:  Switch off calculation.

– M9008:  Set nozzle diameter:  D T

– M9090:  Set parser limits:  S X Y Z

– M9999:  Set MicroStep:  E X Y Z

– M765:  calc offset.

– M766:  Meas x y distance:  D T

– T0:  Select tool 1:  F S X Y Z

– T1:  Select tool 2:  F S X Y Z