Bulbous Blobs on my print! How and why?

Where do these little dabs come from?  And how can I make them less noticeable?

Every entry point in each layer will cause a blob.  You can make it less obvious if you arrange the entry points in a column, popularly referred to as a “seam”. Click into the “Slice” menu of CraftWare and look below the Advanced tab; here you will see a section entitled “entry point weights”.  There are many factors that will determine the placement of these starting points, but for the sake of a quick trick, change the “Proper corner angle” and the “Near to previous point” both to the same value (“10” is a safe bet -think “close to 10”).  By-the-way, the values range from -10 to 10.  Now, look up a little further to “Perimeter gap”: remember the value that is there to start or the value you wish to have when printing and then make a temporary change to a greater value so that you will be able to easily pick out the bulb places on your virtual model *ALWAYS CHANGE THIS VALUE BACK TO THE ORIGINAL BEFORE YOU PRINT OR ELSE YOU WITH GET LITTLE HOLES IN YOUR PRINT*.  The  “Source Direction” selector will help to better place what side of your print you want your starting points situated.

For a more in-depth explanation of just what these parameters are, please check out the CraftWare owner manual, page 19.