Stringing weblike strands of filament material over open areas

Stringing is that inconvenient situation in which you get those spiderweb looking hairs in the empty parts of your print, hanging between two solid areas.  There are two main ways to fix these.  The easiest may be to just print at a slightly lower temperature, in the situation that the temp is too high for the filament it may cause it to run out a little bit uncontrollably. 

The second, and most involved solution, is to actually go in and modify the print settings in your CraftWare.  To do this you must go to the “Advanced mode” menu and find the “Far travel” parameters -these parameters are the hot end’s movements over open spaces.  The default setting should give you a 1mm limit on the retraction of the filament; this is a command that states “when you travel over an open space, or a gap of thin air, greater than 1mm, the filament must quickly retract and then extrude the same distance to compensate the loss when it comes time again to print on a solid surface, to make sure that nothing drips out”.  You can modify this minimum distance here, and also you can set the “retract” (distance that the filament sucks back in) and “Prime” (distance that it pushes back extra to compensate for the loss or retraction of filament).  Keep in mind that if you modify either the retract or prime settings, you must keep the numbers in each box the same to make sure that there are no holes or mini landslides in your print.