Preventing gaps between the outer layer and the infill, or gaps in the outer layer itself

 This is really something that, if you are not confident with the 3D model itself before printing, you must go in and fix yourself… but don’t worry, you can do so with just a few common sense steps using CraftWare.

Let’s start out by saying that the standard setup for Extrusion Width (settings are located under the Basic tab after you click on “Slice” in Craftware) is 0.4mm, and furthermore, the standard wall thickness is 2 rows thick (0.8mm), so keep in mind that everything needs to balance out mathematically, 1.6 is a multiple of the lesser, but 0.9 is not, and if you chose a number like this you may run into problems.  If you change the walls thickness to 0.3mm, then you have to look at the layers close-up to see if everything works out around a multiple of 0.6.  Especially beware of tight areas of the print model where very little infill divides the outer layers.