“Overhangs, ohhh pesky overhangs!  If just not for this little imperfection my print would be 100% perfect.”, if you have said this during printing, and feel strongly compelled to work to as best as you can eliminate these faults, then “Congratulations” you have entered into the picky world of advanced 3D personal manufacturing.


Overhangs are those layers of filament which bow out and over from your print as a result of gravity.  The first time printer, which just wants to get a cool print, may want to simply make sure that any gap between prints sides with a layer above, or any part of the print jutting out at a radical angle must be properly supported by creating supports with this Support option in CraftWare (make sure that the supports are under every part of the print which could drip, you have an automatic support adding tool and also a custom support adding tool which you can click new supports into place or remove pre-existing ones).  Now, you’ve contained the massive overhangs which nobody wants to see in any print.  Now just break the supports off when you have finished printing.


For the more picky little overhangs, some other tactics can be easily taken.  If you have a layer which takes little time to print before the CraftBot starts pouring more filament on top again, you may get a little unnecessary oozing and in turn, overhang due to the melting temp of the filament (especially PLA).  To fix this, slow down your print speed and make sure that those fans are going full blast.  Making double sure that the temperature is not “too high” can also help out (you can also increase the layer height if it still fits the print characteristics which you want).  If the print is a small one, and you plan to print more than one, maybe try printing two at the same time close to one another so that one layer has enough time to firm up before the next layer is stacked on.