• 2022.09.12 CraftFlow Pr3dator v1.1.26376 CraftGui v1.2.8531 FlowAdmin V0.9.41 Firmware: Added: xy motion speed has increased under calibration Fix: Minor bugfixes
  • 2022.05.27 CraftFlow Pr3dator v1.1.26208 CraftGui v1.2.8530 FlowAdmin V0.9.32 Firmware: Added: Wiper usage after first G28 Added: Temperature sensor measurement instability checking and warning. Fix: Minor bugfixes
  • Pr3dator v1.1.25996 CraftGui v1.2.8527 FlowAdmin V0.9.25 Firmware: Added: Dome detect Added: Maintenance instructions Fix: Elimination of printed object height error when z-hop is applied Fix: Minor bugfixes Flowadmin: Added: Better error handling Added: Fixed multiple unhandled error that may cause system crash from time-to-time (File manager, Storage size check, Pendrive size check) Added: Option to delete and remove saved Cloud storage access Added: Network connection checker and feedback display Added: More mobile friendly file list Added: Minor performance improvement Fix: Jogging click error Fix: Profile save/export error Fix: Pendrive check on cloud file manager pages Fix: Potential custom sound upload […]