Set filament tension

The tension of the extruder can be easily adjusted via the screw pictured below. Turning this screw clockwise (right) will reduce the tension, while turning counterclockwise (left) will increase it. Dialing this in should help remedy most FMS and extrusion issues. turn left = tension increase turn right = tension decrease If you continue to […]

Craftbot Plus (PRO) full specification

PRINTING PROPERTIES Crafbot Plus (PRO) Printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printing heads Direct drive extruders Build volume X: 250mm x Y: 200mm x Z: 200mm Theoretical precision X,Y: 4 microns, Z: 2 microns Layer resolution For 0.4mm nozzle recommended 50-300 microns Travel speed 200mm/s available maximum Print speed 120mm/s available maximum Build plate Heated […]