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Switching heads for printing support using pva

Hello friends,

I want to print a pair of shoes with my craftbot flow index, one head should print the support using PVA, and the other one use TPU.

I tried many codes on the craft ware pro, but none of them seems to be working ( keep printing with only one head)

I watched all the tutorials as well.

Do I need to 3d model the support and insert it as if it was a separate object?

Does anyone here can guide me I want o learn how to prepare these gcodes.

Thanks!!! Danit

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Dear Danit,

For a good start please ensure that you have correctly configured dual head printer with the right filaments loaded:

After that you have two ways to print the support with the second head:

  1. Assign the second head for the support objects from the tree hierarchy.

    The whole support will be printed from the second head. (I think it would be the best in your case)
  2. You can force every support printed with the second head by the strategy.
    Leave the support object's head "Strategy Controlled".
    Add "Head" binding to the support and support interface override and select head #2.

    It is useful if you set only the "support interface" to be printed with PVA and the support body will be printed with the base filament. With the tpu-pva combination, I would stick to the full PVA Support.

You can ensure the result if you select the GCode coloring on the Gcode Page.


Hope it helps!
Best Regards,

Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback.
I worked with option number 1, and you can see the challenge I'm facing in the attached video.
Would love to know what I am doing wrong.
Thank you so much!

ok I think I solved it thanks to option number 2 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thnak you so much