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Retraction settings - where?

Hi guys! I am struggling with Retraction settings. Looked through all the settings for 10 times, and wasn't able to find the simple Retraction Length or something of that kind.

Just when writing this - I made success by setting the Overrides in Filament and looking by g-code that works. But is this the right way?

If I do not turn on the Overrides - the slicer does not give ANY Retracts in the G-Code

P.S. I feel like when entering the Bowden Length the system should calculate the retration values, and that is potentially good (however entering value does not add retractions to the code). But also I think user might correct the actual value.


Dear Sergey,

We have three classes of travel:

  • Crossing far-travel: when the travel is longer than the specified threshold and crosses a perimeter. The travel is partially in the air
  • Non-crossing far-travel: when the travel is longer than the specified threshold and does not cross a perimeter. The travel is entirely inside the object
  • Basic travel: when the travel is shorter than the specified threshold

You have an influence on all of these travels on multiple points.

  • If you have a Bowden extruder then you can set the default retraction values there. (mm values)
  • The filament should only scale this if a filament doesn't need that much retraction (percentages of the previous values)
  • And lastly, you can have different retraction settings on every object, strategy, layer, and area type with the override system.

You can set even the speeds of these retractions and primes individually

Best Regards,