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Problem installing extruder and hot end on Craftbot 2

We have a several-year-old (but much loved) Craftbot 2 printer, on which I recently had to replace a damaged hot end (nozzle and insulated tube) and extruder (circuit board and wires that site in the moving head). I had a little bit of trouble disconnecting from the extruder board the ribbon that connects to the main printer circuit board, and it's possible I may have damaged something in the process.

Having reassembled the printer, following instructions and some very useful demonstration videos on Youtube, the screen now starts up just fine, but the hot end won't heat: the screen reports it as around 20°, and when I set it to heating, that temperature slowly goes down. (It also doesn't physically heat up, so I think it's not only a sensor failure.) Strangely, this behaviour is unchanged even if I disconnect the extruder board from the main ribbon altogether and turn it on, which I would have expected to throw an error…

Does anyone have any thoughts? Should I try replacing the extruder board again? Or replacing the ribbon that linked the extruder to the main board? And if the latter: what is the spec or part number for that ribbon? I can't find anything like it on Craftbot's spare parts.

My next step is to submit a support ticket or bring in a professional to look at the printer (expensively), but if anyone has any suggestions for further things I can try to fix this myself, that would be wonderful. Many thanks in advance.