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print fails shifts after short period of then starts making weird noises

So my print failed by shift in X direction about 12 mm, started making weird growling noises.

The belt was a bit loose so tightened it, replaces the ffd board as heater to hot end wire broke, started printing OK then messed up again, shifting both X and Y directions. making growling noises. when attempting to bed level workd Ok then doing 2nd or third time it goes to wrong position on bed making loud growling noises. none ot the drive gears are loose and no broken teeth on drive belt. Also the bed I can lift it about a half inch then drop back down, Is it supposed to don this? havent done a firmware update but also cant due to hard to see led screen. I have one ordered.

Please open a support ticket and if possible send video about the issue to our support team.

When 3D prints start to fail with shifts and unusual noises, it's often a sign of mechanical or calibration issues. Shifts can occur due to problems with the printer's movement system, such as loose belts, pulleys, or stepper motor issues. Weird noises may also indicate mechanical problems or worn-out components.

Here's a comment on this issue:

"Experiencing shifts and strange noises during 3D printing can be frustrating, but it's usually solvable. First, check your printer's mechanical components for any loose parts, including belts and pulleys. Lubricate moving parts if necessary. Additionally, ensure your printer is on a stable surface to prevent vibrations.

Calibration is critical; re-level your bed and recalibrate the printer to ensure proper alignment. Verify that the slicer settings match your printer's specifications.

If issues persist, inspect the stepper motors and their drivers for overheating or malfunction. Replace worn-out or damaged parts promptly to maintain print quality. Regular maintenance and attention to detail can help you avoid these problems and keep your 3D printer running smoothly."