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prevent top of model from being closed

Hello everyone,

I'm new to 3D printing and bought a second hand Craftbot 3 to learn. At the moment I'm struggling with ABS prints. The first print lines always seem to shrink irregularly, while the rest of the print lines are fine. I suspect this is because of the heat of the print bed, but I'm not sure. So I created a 'heat shield' model to test if my hypothesis is correct. I attached an image of it; as well as the STL-file.

I'm obviously new to Craftware software, so I am still learning the way it works. On the heat shield model, I assumed it would close the top of the bowl shape if the model would have a single outer layer. Therefore, I gave it an inner and outer layer. However, after printing it in reality, I realized my assumptions were wrong and Craftware still closes the top layer; regardless of having double layers.

Can someone explain: why it fills the bowl shape with support material and closes it off? And also; how I can prevent this from happening?

By the way; I know what vase-mode is, but it can't be used here because it removes the center stage. I would need to make this a two part print, which is not what I intended.

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