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On pr3Dator version 1.1.12376/6 for the original Craftbot Plus, does the G4 Gcode command work properly?

I was doing some gcode testing, and was experimenting with a 3-tone sequence to indicate print progress.  I found that timings weren't working, which led me to investigate and realize in general, pauses weren't working in other steps as well.  In general, I cannot confirm that the G4 gcode command is working.  I'm on an original CraftBot Plus with firmware version 1.1.12376/6.

If I run the following gcode:

M300 P50 S60 ;
G4 P500 ;
M300 P50 S40 ;
G4 P500 ;
M300 P50 S20 ;

All 3 tones play at once.  I used "M1000 S69" to print all supported gcode, and I see "Recv: - G4: Dwell: P S" which should be P for milliseconds, S for seconds right?  It doesn't appear to be working?  I also tried "G4 P500 S0" just to see if S was required, and it didn't change anything.