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New version released: 1.2.1

Hi Everyone,

We released a new version of the CraftWare Pro. Hope you enjoy it!

2022.02.17. VERSION 1.2.1

  • General
    • Stability improvements
  • Settings and Profiles
    • Added proper slicer parameter settings reset
  • Strategies
    • Added proper slicer strategy settings reset
  • Slicer engine
    • Improved gyroid diagonal layer generation
    • Optimized infill traversal
  • Prepare Page
    • Added ghost objects for mirror and parallel printing modes
    • Improved user interface for a more intuitive process
  • GCode Page
    • Added top n layer only view using a lockable range slider

I have been using the Craftware slicer for a long time and am very pleased with it.
I had a little difficulty at first, but over time I found a solution.
I made many RC planes with Craftware using LW filament
and I made parts for my 1/5 scale RC offroad racing model car (nylon6 - abs - petg) with filament
I printed the test cube with different slicers and carftware
But I'm telling you honestly
craftware showed the best result.
Definitely everyone should use this slicer.
Thank you to all craftbot family.
and I'm looking forward to the new version of craftware.

I would like to share a few pictures and projects with you.

Ali Bilmis

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Craftware Team

Hello craftbot team
I have a question for you;
-When will the new version craftware slicer arrive?
-Will there be a language option in the new version?
-Will there be text or number options via CAD in the new version?

I wish you good work

The LEAST INTUITIVE / most resource hungry slicer on the market.  I despise having to use it at work.