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New version released: 1.2.0

Hi Everyone,

After a longer period of hard work, our team proudly presents you the latest release of CraftWare Pro. The minor version step shows that there are a lot of improvements, changes and fixes not only under the hood, but on the UI too.

Our main focus was on the more friendly user experience, and helping to get familiar with the software:

  • Startup Configuration Wizard
  • Quick Start Tutorial
  • Renaming
  • UI refactoring, layout adjustments, shortcuts, filters
  • Visual improvements (GUI and 3D)

The engine received a tuning too:

  • Default profiles are working better
  • Easy and Smart modes are rechecked

Here is a more detailed list of what happened in 1.2.0:

2022.07.29. VERSION 1.2.0

  • General
    • Added Startup Configuration wizard
    • Added Quick Start tutorial guide
    • TreeView indentation readability increased
    • TreeView now highlights potentially not printable models
    • User experience improvements in the User Interface
    • Various clarifying renamings all across the application
    • Added Load Model shortcut tool in the Object Toolbox
    • Added Start on Prepare Page option
    • Ground plane Grid can be turned on/off in View Settings
    • Graphics card usage decreased
    • Using WinGDI for rendering on Intel cards on Windows to remove window glitches
    • Changed OpenSSL on Windows to avoid connection errors due to missing DLL files
    • Various application and graphics stability bugfixes
  • Settings and Profiles
    • Settings in wizards are now organized by manufacturer and product names
    • Added quick filter for templates in wizards
    • Craftbot machine compoments selected by default in wizards
    • 'Use HQ gcode shaders' and 'UI scale' options added to both Settings and View Settings
    • In the Printer Configurator, machine component combo boxes now contain 'Add new' options
    • In the Printer Configurator, head tabs now show the currently selected filament's color
    • Refactored Filament profiles (First Layer, Fan, Density)
  • Strategies
    • Added Strategy Tool Ribbon
    • Toggleable Strategy Summary panel
    • Added Automatic Support structure generation options in the Smart and Easy Strategies
    • There can be multiple Easy and Smart Strategies
    • Easy and Smart Strategies can be converted to Expert Strategies
    • Easy and Smart Strategies are saved into Slicer profile and Project files
  • Slicer engine
    • Support area creation redesigned, various Support related bugs fixed
    • Improved Skirt/Brim/Raft/Pillar/Ooze area creations to work better with each other
    • Path optimizer improved inter-layer optimization
    • Various stability bugfixes and tweaks
  • Prepare Page
    • Add Filament/Printer shortcuts in the Printer Configurator
    • Indicating potential non-printable geometries
    • Head and Filament color feedbacks
    • Redesigned Slicer Panel
    • Filtering to active parameter type in the Binding Source selector
    • Build Volume aligned build plate grids visible only inside the printers
    • Model coloring selector moved to the main UI
  • GCode Page
    • Build Volume aligned build plate grids visible only inside the printer area


I am getting this error.  see attached file created.




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Dear Andres,

We are sorry to hear that!

Can you please open a support ticket with this error at our support desk?

Submit a request – CraftBot Support Page

(check the "Do you have active premium subscription for Craftware Pro?" box, even if you don't) 🙂

Best Regards,



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Andres Lopez

Relative to 1.1.4, does 1.2.0 remove this feature?

Manufacturing Page

  • Added Drawing Order Manager which allows customization of the drawing order of area types

I need to know how I can get infill lines to print before walls/loops, especially on the first layer?
Alternatively, please tell me how I can avoid the head moving over the inner areas of the part, and keep the head moving strictly along the outer perimeter (or even outside the perimeter)?

The problem I am really trying to solve is that I have some oozing with flexible filament and I don't want the "hairs" dragging across the build-plate through the middle of my part, which is happening because outer walls and other features are being printed first.
I figured a quick fix would be to print the infill first and the walls afterward.
That way any oozing will land on top of the first layer infill and will not mar the bottom layer.

BTW, it's interesting that the area inside the walls on the first layer is controlled as "Infill."
To me that is a bottom layer and part of the shell.  Very confusing to those of us coming from other slicers, but at least I finally did find that the line pattern for the inner areas of the bottom layer is Infill -> Fill Type.


Hello Leon,

The drawing order manager is a drag n' drop system. If you want the infill to be printed before the perimeter, then drag the drawing group which contains the infill in front of the other drawing group which contains the perimeter. Check the attached screenshot fragment.

To avoid "hairs" you can use a bit lower print temperature or elevation before travel, but the latter would increase print time.



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