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How many models do craftbot support to slice in once?

I own a 3d printer scanner and I use it to scan sculptures and other game characters models to print. I need to print many models at once. How can I slice many models in once and export them?

Hi Hu,

Just import the modells and click on the arrange tool. It will arrange your object to fit on the tray. If some objects does not fit on the tray you will find them outside the printer.

If you really need a lot of objects in the sam time, buy the premium version and you will have the multitray feature. That way the objects will be arranged on more tray optimally, and the gcodes can be exported in one step. Craftware Pro


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I've also purchased a 3D scanner, and I've encountered similar issues while configuring the printing settings.

many thanks  rtghth

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Load all the models scanned with a 3D scanner onto the virtual print bed using slicing software. Then, adjust the print settings, slice them, and export the G-code files for multiple models at once. Finally, transfer the files to the 3D printer and start the printing process.