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Hint Preview for Craftware Pro??

Just wondering if you guys are going (or planning) to do the Hint Preview like in the old craftware?  It is really difficult trying to figure out what everything does, extremely frustrating actually.  It's probably what is preventing me from really using this slicer, certainly preventing me from buying the subscription.

I agree, they made the new slicer way to complicated to even attempt to use. I spent 20 min under default settings trying to find how to change the print speed.. Still cant find it.. Under easy its a slider 0-200%, ok what is 100%... The lack of support in being able to use other slicers makes me regret ever buying the printer.

It seems you're looking for a hint preview or comment related to Craftware Pro, but your request is somewhat ambiguous. Craftware Pro could refer to various software or tools, and without specific details, it's challenging to provide a relevant hint or comment.

If you can provide more context or specific questions related to Craftware Pro or clarify what you're looking for, I'd be happy to assist you further.