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Fuzzy area process

do you have any experience with fuzzy skin in craftware slicer?
Now I discovered this function in other slicers and in craftware.. But I can't set it in craftware.. 
Could you give me tips and tricks how to set it up in craftware?
.cwp would be best so I can look at it.
Thank you for your advices.
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In CraftWare Pro you can assign postprocessors to any area type.

To achieve the fuzzy skin: You can add a "fuzzy area processor" as a postprocessor for the "perimeter".

This will give a nice noisy surface.

The most important parameters for you:

  • Value scale: the strength of the noise aka the fuzziness.
  • Resampling resolution: the frequency of the fuzziness. A lower value will result in a finer granulated surface. A higher value creates a rougher surface.
  • Function value offset: by default, the noise transforms the segments in the outward direction. As the noise has a 50% average value, the perimeter most likely will peel from the loops if you don't compensate for the offset. But if you choose a too high value, some parts of the perimeter will be printed on the loops. -0.2..-0.5 mm is typically good, but check the GCode viewer to confirm if it's good enough. You have to tune it according to the previous two parameters.

Hope it helps!

Happy Printing!

Best Regards,
CraftWare Team