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Firmware V8527 Issue

After the V8527 update on IDEX Flow, I had a couple long (12+ hr) prints and at the end of both prints the XY axis went to home positions and the Extruder that was used (Left Extruder) drove at high speed in the load filament direction.  Of course, the extruder can only eject a certain flow thru the nozzle before the gear teeth strip on the filament and I had to hit the Print Stop.

After the first time this occurred, I did a full calibration including FMS as I had not done that after the firmware update.  I am using CURA 4.13.1 and that has not changed.  The prints came out fine.  Verified on short 20 min print.

Can anyone duplicate this?

Using Cura after print ended the extruder also went to load filament and the FMS error popped up after the print like it was trying to load filament.

Hello, I also have the problem described. The longer the print takes, the more filament it ejects at the end of the print. I noticed the problem only after I have installed the firmware update. The problem also exists with the Craftbot FW of 2022.09.12. I also use Cura (V5.2.1). I have also examined the end gcode but could not find any error. I assume a FW error...