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Fan speed to first layer


l use Craftware pro and l am very happy.

But l want to learn for fan speed adjustment.As with other slicing programs for first layer, second layer and third layer
how do i adjust the fan speed?


Terribly sorry for the long wait!

You can set the fan speed on different logical levels:
- Slicing strategy
- Printer or its components
- Filament

Usually the filament is giving a fan speed requirement, so it you would like to quickly adjust it, open the Filament tab in Settings window, and scroll down on the right side so you will see the "Overrides" section.

Among the Overrides you most probably will see the "Fan speed" property set by the filament to a percentage. The filament has the highest priority, so if you set the fan speed on other levels, you will find a filament icon next to the property's name as a warning that it will do an override.

If you don't need the Override on filament level, you can remove it by clicking on the "chain-in-a-black-circle" icon next to the "Always evaluated" text to open the Binding Manager, then type "fan" into the search field to filter the list, and uncheck the box next to the "Fan speed".

You can use the Binding Manager to add/remove the properties you'd like to modify in different circumstances.

For example, if you would like to add some slicing rules about the fan speed for different layers, click on the "Add new Override" button, and in the Condition Manager popup check the box next to the "Layer index", then type the layer number (starting from zero) you'd like to set slicing rules for.

In your case there should be 3 separate Overrides added using the Layer index condition, set to 0, 1 and 2 to indicate the first three layers. Add the "Fan speed" for each of the Overrides, and this way you can set the fan speed to any number you'd like for the first 3 layers separately.
In the "Always evaluated" section you can have a generic fan speed as a fallback if no custom conditions are valid, for example on the 5th layer there is no Override, so this will be used.

Hope this helps!

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