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Craftbot plus BL Touch

Hey all, I was wondering if is possible to buy a BL Touch sensor and make it work with my Craftbot plus, the reason is obviously manual leveling. I am printing something almost every week, but i have enough of manual leveling for xx time at the start of the same print because of poor first layer. Recently i bought Prusa I3 MK3S+ as my personal printer, Craftbot is my office printer, and the auto leveling works so well and it saves a lot of work and time. I would be glad for some tips, links or tutorials how to make that, because i can not find anything (maybe i just do not know where to look) and if it is even possible to make it work somehow.

Retrofitting a BL touch sensor is not an easy task. Not possible to do without replacing the motherboard in the machine. But levelling on CraftBot Plus shouldn't be an issue, once you level the machine, it should "stay there" if there isn't any loosen part or other issue with the printer.