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air fan no work

Hello my friends i have a problem in my crafboot plus maybe someone else has told me ... I change the belts and the air fan from extruder all three together extruder and colling fan because the extruder fan was ready and stopped ..... Αnd after I went through everything when I opened it the fans did not work nor its cooling extruder ... Νothing was taken or something other than the printer came out..also check the cable tape to see if I can shake it but nothing again ... I tried a new one I had but again nothing everything works normally only the cooling does not work ...... I also did a check if it brings current on the tile and I noticed that it only brings 10.0v. .............. has happened to any of you something similar

check the pins on the shroud, i had 1 bent min and it was stopping the fin from spinning.   i have a flow idex.


I'm facing the same problem. I checked the pins, the soldering on the board behind the stepmotor and also changed the fans. Not sure how to figure out the problem. Attached you can check the board I'm talking about.

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Please open a support ticket an one of our technician will help you solve the problem.