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After Slicing everytime i got a Black Screen with Movable Mouse Arrow

Hi@ all i downloaded the Pro Version of Craft Ware and after the Installation and Configuration of the Printer i load a 3d Model. do my Settings and than the Slicing Part is over and the GCode Section should appear everytime i got a Black Screen with the Mouse Arrow. What is the Problem with this Software and why is it so lame? When I load the XYZ Cube it sliced good and shows the GCode Section and printing it fine. But larger Models with an Height about 150mm the Program eats my RAM of the CPU and a Message appears max level of Support for bla bla.....anything wrong with the Program? Need Help please!


What type of GPU do you use? Some Intel HD Graphics?


Yes i do, you have an Solution for it?🥰


Sometimes on Intel HD graphics cards random graphics bugs happen.

  • Try updating your graphics drivers. The Intel drivers contain several bugs but the people at Intel are working constantly on fixing them, so it may happen that after a driver update some display problems will disappear.
  • If that does not help, you can try disabling the High Quality g-code display in CraftWare Pro.
    Open "Settings", and on the "Application" tab under "Rendering" section disable the "Use HQ g-code shaders" option.
  • If the issue is still present, you can try starting the application with native Windows window integration disabled. (This option is Windows-only)
    To do this, open a command line window by pressing Windows+R and typing "cmd" then press enter. In the command line window, type the following:
    "C:\Program Files\CraftUnique\CraftWare Pro\bin\craftApp.exe" --disableNativeWindow

I hope this helps!