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Additional Profiles for Filaments

Could I request some new profiles for filaments to be added to Craftware Pro? Specifically allPHA by colorFabb ( and Chinchilla by Ninjatek ( Thanks!

Hi Michael,

We will try to include them in the next release based on the public datasheets. Please note that we don't have the chance to validate the printing quality, so they will be only theoretically correct. If you want a validated, measured profile, please contact us via the Profile Partner Page, or suggest it to your manufacturer/distributor.

In the meantime, if you encounter such issues, you can create your own filament profiles with the help of the new filament wizard that can be accessed via settings-->filament-->wizard button. You can create your own filament, based on a similar filament's template (we suggest using the same type of generic filament) and fully customize it.

Best Regards,


yeah sure, you can try