SIMPLiFY3D V5 GCODE Issue resolution

The new SIMPLIFY3D V5 generates GCODE not compatible with Craftbot Pr3Dator firmware. The slicer generated GCODE create M106 (fan controll) command with “P” parameter, not compatible.The solution is to create a post processor script in the SimpliFy3D, change. {DELETE “P0”} in the “Post Processing” tab.

Setting up OctoPi / OctoPrint for Craftbot, Plus, Pro, 2, XL, 3

Octopi / Octoprint is a web based 3D printer management solution. You can find information and setting up the OctoPi or OctoPrint device here: On Craftbot side we recommend a good quality USB cable to connect the OctoPi device with Craftbot. These are the settings available from pr3Dator_firmware_2019-03-06. But please always use the latest […]